About - Camila Estrella 

Dreams, Inspirations and Creations with Organic Stone

" I love creating and I love designing with Natural Energy of Mother Earth. I feel Free-spirited with mystical air to Modern Style. Is my dream, inspiration, creations with my own hands with all love for you. ❤ "
In 2009, Camila Estrella combined her love for fashion with her creative talents her own collection of Jewelry. She inspired by nature and harmony of the universe, Also in feminine classy. In each hand-crafted pieces continues to marry classic modern design with natural and organic elements. "My collections purpose is to meet the expectations & personal taste of Classy and Modern woman " is how describes her collection. "Helping women convey confidence with every piece they wear".
After his princess was born. She was studying Goldsmith in her native country which she served and was the best student in such a sort time course and was marking its gorgeous rings with diamonds "conflict-free".
Camila continues to takes risk with her designs, but takes pride in the continual growth and development of her company she called "Camila Estrella Jewelry".

❤I work with different materials such as natural stone and hand cut by me, conflict-free gemstone and Rough Diamond in some of my pieces from around the world. All components are SOLID 14K Gold, 14k gold Filled and sterling silver. My creations is hand cut, fired, shaped, hammered and polished. Worked with subtlety to get to the point and perfect finish.❤

my favorite quote:
❤ "Don't wait for the perfect moment, take the moment and make it perfect" ❤


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